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Cuetec: Still the Fiberglass Cue of Choice

Updated: Apr 17

Download PDF • 14.16MB

If you want to know how the new Cuetec series is made, take a look at this PDF from Imperial International and learn about the new Avid Chroma, Era, Optix, and TrueWood series cues.

These are the "sneaky-pete's" of the Avid series and these have been very popular with league players because they are tough cues that can spend time in the back of the truck overnight in sub-zero temperatures and still play straight the next time you have to show up for league play.

These Avid Era cues come with linen wraps or with no wrap. The other choice is whether or not you would like to play with a 12.75mm shaft or an 11.75mm shaft. Nice to have a choice! All of the cues in the Cuetec series have these choices available except for the Avid Chroma series below. With the Chroma series, all the cues have no wraps, but you can still choose your shaft size.

The Cuetec Avid Optix series is sponsored by Florian Kohler, so you'll find his name on the signature series cues in each line. The Optix series is a higher end cue with rings bordering the leather or linen wrap and points with interior decor. The price ranges from $359 to $395. These cues are a lifetime purchase cue that will play beautifully. The shaft stays sleek and smooth and if you do get it a little dirty, Cuetec supplies you with 5 shaft wipes to keep them shiny and clean.

Finally, in this beautiful series of cues, you'll find the True Wood cues which are still a fiberglass cue despite the misnomer, but they look like wood cues and they are truly a beautiful addition to the Avid line of cues.

The Truewood series of cues are masterpieces in their own right. The beauty of a wood cue with the technology of clear-tec epoxy resin over figured wood veneers will run you from $859 to $995. Given that you have a choice between the Cynergy carbon-fiber shaft in either the 11.8mm or the 12.5mm size when you purchase this cue, you will be playing with the best Carbon-fiber shaft in the industry while enjoying the beauty of the Truewood cue. The differences between some of the cues below in the gallery are small, so look for the difference in wraps and the finish of the cue. I'll post the part numbers for easier reference tomorrow.

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