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Fully Custom Accessory Kits

Updated: May 3

If you are purchasing a custom table and you would like a fully custom accessory kit, here are the categories you will need to consider:

If you would like us to create the Accessory Kit for you and you would simply like to choose the Cues and Balls, these are the items that are the bulk of the value in the kit, and we can do that. If you have a specific product that you prefer for any of the items in an accessory kit like a favorite type of cue chalk, just let us know and we will provide it.

The price of the table you purchase includes a $500 accessory credit. We will simply add the amount over and above that amount to the order if you choose items that are more expensive.


If you are purchasing a modern pool table, we suggest the Cuetec brand of cues and you can read about those HERE.

We also recommend McDermott Cues (look for G-Series cues with the G-Core shaft) or Viking Cues (scroll waaay down), both of which are made in the United States in Wisconsin. The average price of a custom cue will be in the $550-$800 range. If you have purchased a table with a rustic design, we suggest the Wildfire cues by McDermott which are approximately $550 per cue.

Each brand has an import line and we recommend the Viking Valhallas (again, scroll waaay down) if you would like a less expensive option. Simply write down the model numbers (you can tell if they are in stock by how they are listed on the website) and we will write up the quote.

If you would like some nicer Player Cues, we would be happy to pick some for you. The average Player cue is $190-$300 and you can find them HERE. Lucasi is a brand of Luxury cue with a slightly higher average price (low-deflection shaft, uni-loc quick-release joint) and may appeal to those who prefer a modern style. You can find those cues HERE.

If you prefer a wrap, look for linen or leather wraps. If it doesn't matter, take a look through and let us know what appeals to you.

Billiard Balls

You can read my post on Billiard Balls HERE. You'll be looking at the BSBS Price.

Ball Racks

Ball racks are the racks you'll place the balls in prior to breaking them during play. The traditional balls racks come in plastic, wood, metal, and there are balls racks that are flat sheets that sit on the table where you place the balls in small indentations. This sheet is called the Magic Rack and has become more popular in the past few years for the ability to set up very tight racks. It is now used in many tournaments. If you decide you would like a Magic Rack, you may also want a traditional 8-ball and 9-ball rack in case you want to use a more traditional rack when entertaining.

The Delta Series Rack is a $160 metal high precision rack:

Heavy Duty wood racks are a traditional option and will be chosen based on the wood type of the table you've ordered.

The Magic Rack has become for popular to rack 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball and trick shots: