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How Many Poker Chips Do I Need?

I often get this question, "How many #pokerchips do I need to play a home game? This is the recommendation from Wood Expressions, a long-time vendor of games and quality products in the poker and chess world. I highly recommend visiting to view the inventory there. We can order anything you need to keep your guests entertained and they ship quickly. They sell high quality card shufflers, poker chips, card trays and boots, and a huge selection of chess boards, backgammon boards, and chess pieces.

Below you'll find the general rule of thumb for the recommended number of chips needed when playing poker. The denomination or color break up in a 4-color chip bank roll (which is the most popular one) is 70% of the chips should be at the lower and middle values: i.e., a 400-chip set would be: 100 White, 200 Red, 50 Green & 50 Black or 150 white, 150 Red, 50 Green & 50 Black.

  • 3-4 People Playing = 300+ Chips

  • 5-6 People Playing = 400+ Chips

  • 7-8 People Playing = 500+ Chips

  • 9+ People Playing = 1000+ Chips

Recommended Amount of Chips for Playing Poker quantity

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