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Under the Bubble

I'm always amazed at how much fun we have playing this relatively simple game. With the addition of LED lights around the base of the "rink" and the cheering of the crowd, we play for hours and have so much fun! These tables are the professional model of the tabletop versions you may have played as a kid, but they are fun for the whole family. Where I am nervous about small children around a foosball table, I am less nervous about them around this game table. The rods aren't heavy and won't knock a kid back from the table.

You can customize the hockey and soccer tables to add your favorite teams and the new addition to the line is the wood edition shown below in 5 different finishes.

These game tables run from $4,250 for the basic Super ChexxPro Model to $7,995 for the wood base models. You can also have these tables made in Super KixxPro soccer games with either your favorite team, led lights, cupholders, and split bases for easy entry into tight stairwells.

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