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Arcades for Montana Game Rooms

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


When we first started purchasing Arcades, we noticed that shipping was an important consideration. When Arcades come from mid-country or the East Coast, they consistently arrive damaged. We have searched for the best option on the West Coast and we arrived at Creative Arcades. We researched all of the Creative Arcade products and decided on a couple of models that would provide the most entertainment, the biggest screen, and the best quality. Since we have been purchasing arcades from this company, we have been satisfied with the product. Learn from our experience and purchase your arcade with confidence. I have listed the Arcades we prefer below, and will add them to our online inventory with stock status asap.


You may be thinking, I'll just order direct, and you are welcome to do that. We have pre-calculated the shipping and handling and the effort and time it will take to load the unit into your home and power it up. One of the most time-consuming issues that we face as retailers is damaged shipments. Do you have time to deal with a damaged shipment? You must refuse the shipment, and if you accept the shipment and find hidden damage, it's gets more complicated. We provide a service that is worry-free. We make sure the unit is fully functional and we provide the information you need should you need warranty service. We handle all of the shipping transfers, unboxing, packaging removal, etc., and we charge accordingly. If you like to do those things yourself, you are more than welcome and you can take our advice from these pages.

You can purchase less expensive models from this company, and I can certainly order them for you, but this model is our favorite model because it allows for 2 players, it has a slim profile, and it has a 32" LCD that lights up the showroom. Almost all of the other 2-player arcades by this company and others have 19"-22" LCDs and once you've played with the 32" model, you will not want to pay for the smaller screens. It comes with a wood-look veneer and two stools for the price which is currently $3,495 delivered locally. The game list for this model is found in the PDF below.


You can order this model 2P Slim with a custom wrap. If you have a vision, I can create the wrap on my Adobe programs and submit it to the company. I charge $75/hour for design time, or you can send in a vector image of your own creation.

Not shown are two stools which the company includes.

Many times, I get requests for the old Street Fighter games and this model includes them in a total list of 3,502 games. It has all of the old favorites and some surprises like Asteroids which I have not found on any of the arcades we have purchased previously.

Download PDF • 721KB


The Cocktail style arcades start at $2,500-$3,500 depending on the model. We include shipping and local delivery.

The Basic Cocktail style shown Right is the traditional rectangular style with 2-Player configuration, Light Pine wrap, and a 22"/24"/or 26" LED screen. In the 60-412 game category that takes you through $2,598 to $2,698, to $2,798 as each screen size increases. You can choose 60 games or 412 games and that doesn't change the price, so I'd go with the 412 game model.

The Short Pub Table Cocktail Arcade is round and has only the 22" LED (as far as I can tell) and it adds $100 to go from 60-412 games. Pricing from Big Sky Billiards (which includes delivery and installation) is $2,698 to 2,798.

This Short Pub Table Cocktail arcade is also available in the "Black Jack" wrap for $2,798. This includes all shipping, installation, and two stools. The only size available at this time on this model is the 22" LED. This includes the upgrade to the 412 games. This models can be custom wrapped and I've included the link to Creative Arcades Cocktail Tables Page where you can see some of those options.

This company has a variety of Cocktail style arcades which can include two-screen models, tip-up screens, taller mid-cocktail height, and round cocktail style. Take a look at a few of the models below to decide what will fit your game room.

This Tall Pub Table style has a base price of $2,695 (shipping, delivery & installation locally included) in the basic Black model. It comes with a standard 60 games or you can upgrade to the 412 game model for an additional $100 which we recommend. When I order these models for stock, I order them with the 412 game configuration and the light pine veneer which pushes the price to $3,250. This model comes standard with a 24" LCD and the dimensions are 34"L X 24"W X 42"H. It weighs 155 pounds.

The model I order for stock is the Tall Pub Table style in Pine with the 24" LCD, 2-player capability (it also has a coin mech) and 2 stools with the 412 game package. This is a great unit and will last many years in your game room.

This model is available in the Black Jack Edition for $3,050.

All of these arcades use SANWA Joy Sticks and have 3-Year warranty stated this way: "We guarantee that the arcade will operate as intended - if not, we expedite brand new parts for easy repair. Purchase with confidence that this classic arcade was built to play and built to last." If you aren't up for fixing electronics and you can't find a teenager to fix it for you, give us a call and we'll help out. Most fixes are easy enough for a home-owner to handle.

This is the game list for the Tall Pub Table Arcades with 412 game configurations.

Download PDF • 32KB

This is the Dark Grey model.

There is also a Half Pub Model which is a shorter sit-down model in the "round" style and it comes with the short stools that traditionally come with the Cocktail arcade. It's basically a round Cocktail arcade design and comes in either the traditional Black, the Black Jack, or a Custom wrap.

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, the Wine Barrel Cocktail Arcade that we recommend is the 26" LCD model with 412 games. Our price on this model is $3,050 delivered locally. The dimensions are found below.


The racing models have a full bucket seat and you can order them with forced feedback for an extra $1,000. You won't get simulator action, but these are very nice units and cost about $80,000 less than a racing simulator, so they are "family" friendly budget-wise. I'll post these models in the next few days.

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