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Why Purchasing from Your Local Dealer is Important

Updated: Apr 17

I just went over a sale from a customer located about 45 minutes outside of Missoula in an effort to figure out why they ordered off of the Brunswick website vs. calling, emailing, or coming into our dealership. You don't have to come in, we can set up your order via email, and it will always be less expensive than buying direct from Brunswick. We would have saved this customer $175 and the customer would likely have gotten better accessories and certainly would have gotten better advice. We deliver new tables anywhere in Western Montana and this customer lives less than 30 miles away, so that wasn't the issue. So, it's important that we communicate to our customers what services we provide.

Example: the Brunswick 8' Allenton in Driftwood with Tapered legs, our basic accessory kit, and Championship 4066 cloth with Teflon is $3,995. That price includes delivery, installation, an accessory kit and 28 years of experience; add $350 for Centennial worsted wool cloth. What is worsted wool cloth? Read my Blog Post about billiard cloth.

If you click a few buttons, it might look like you're saving money, but not only are you costing yourself money, you are not getting the advice that we can give you from having sold this product for 30 years. For instance, are you aware that the Allenton doesn't have Super Speed cushions? It's possible that you noticed that and it's also possible that you don't care, but if you DO care, we could have told you what pool table to order that HAS better cushions. We may advise you to spend your money on an Olhausen pool table at that price point. Olhausen Billiards not only

makes its pool tables in Portland, TN, USA, but it puts its best cushion, the AccuFast cushion, on all of it's tables including the entry level Blemont at $3,995.

Did you know that even if your table is set-up perfectly that buying cheap balls can cost you rolls that aren't true? You'd never think about that if you're buying online because the online seller is going to tell you why it's perfectly OK to purchase cheap balls, but we'll explain the difference, which is important. Maybe the ball set is just for kids to bang around, but if you want a quality set of balls, they will make a huge difference in play.

One of the more important (and costly) items is the pool cue that you use. What should you purchase? Do you want a nicer cue that will be less likely to warp? How do you care for your tip? Do you have the necessary items in the kit to care for your cues and balls? What is the most important thing you need to know about cloth and preserving its life? We can and do answer all of these questions for you and we can generally advise you about what to spend money on and what you can save money on. It's a weird sport! Not everybody knows the ins and outs of the game of billiards, but we do. Let us help you to purchase what is likely a lifetime of entertainment for you and your family.

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