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Pool Table Cloth Choices

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Championship Cloth

There are many different brands of billiard cloth and the choices can be confusing for even the most experienced buyer. 

At Big Sky Billiard Supply, we have chosen Championship as our primary pool table fabric vendor.  The cloth market contracted in 2009 and we lost several good vendors, but Championship stayed in business and continued to provide an excellent, consistent product.  Consistency is key.  If you are re-covering a pool table and you spread out your cloth only to find a blemish in the middle of the cut of fabric, it is frustrating.  Especially if you've driven 200 miles to your job. So, we choose the fabric that is the most consistent.  It is not always the cheapest, but in this business, you are better off buying cloth that is not cheap.  Cheap cloth breaks down more quickly than well-made cloth and then you end up paying for a recovery all over again only a year down the road.  Recoveries start at $450.

The primary Championship cloth that we carry is Invitational 4066 cloth with Teflon. 

The Championship Invitational 4066 is a 70/30 wool-nylon blend and is used on the majority of pool tables in the United States.

Here is the link to the Championship Colors.  When you "mouse-over" the colors, watch for the Invitational brand with Teflon [4066]. Championship is phasing out the Invitational 3066 and the price difference is negligible, so ignore that line of fabric.

With Championship, we must order 12+ quantities of fabric in order to offer the prices that we do, so if you need to order a fabric other than what we have in stock, there will be an increase in price of approximately $10.

If you are purchasing a pool table from us, you are probably concerned primarily with quality in relation to price.  Invitational 4066 is not a worsted wool product. Please see below for the explanation of "worsted" wool.  All billiard fabric is somewhat water-resistant, but if you are concerned about spills around your billiard table, you should consider the Teflon product.  4066 product which at this writing is $169 for an 8' cut, and a $20 upgrade for 9' table customers:

4066 Invitational fabric is 20oz 75% wool 25% nylon blend and comes in the colors listed below:



English Green

Electric Blue



Academy Blue


Euro Blue


Steel Gray



Worsted Wool Options:

Worsted wool is wool that has had the "fuzzy" pieces removed from the strands.  It is smoother, more durable, lasting twice as long as regular cloth, and it plays faster than the non-worsted wool options.  It is a favorite of pool players world-wide.  It is also double the cost. The two main brands we purchase are Simonis Cloth and Brunswick Centennial. We have and will purchase other brands, these are the ones we stock.

Centennial Cloth by Brunswick Billiards and Simonis 860 and 760R are three of the best, most consistent worsted wool fabrics made in the billiard industry.  If you enjoy your billiard game and want to play on the best surface, we believe it is a toss-up between these three products.  Championship also makes a worsted product, but it makes the Brunswick Billiards Centennial Cloth, and we get better pricing with Brunswick, so we order through Brunswick instead. 

In September of 2021, Simonis had a flood in its factory located in the Netherlands.  The flood destroyed its looms and carding machines and generally wreaked havoc on the company.  After replacing its looms and other machinery, Simonis started producing cloth again in May of 2022.  The containers of Simonis cloth have finally reached U.S. shores as of this writing.  If you visit the Simonis website and click through the "available" colors, we may have difficulty getting some of those colors, still.

The 860 Simonis is an excellent cloth and comes in a wide variety of colors, so this is often a customer favorite.  If you are looking for stain-resistance in this product, the only vendor who carries it is Olhausen Billiards and it is called the Simonis 760R which we are happy to order it.

When you purchase a table with us, we offer the upgrade to Simonis or Centennial cloth at $300-$350 depending on table size.  Normally $449 for the fabric alone and $275 and up for an installation, we like to give our customers this option at the time of installation because this product will last longer, save you money, and save us a trip back to recover your table!

These are the color choices for each of these products:

Centennial Cloth by Brunswick: Color Choices

Simonis Cloth by Simonis: Color Choices [this link allows you to see the colors on a table]

The 760R available through Olhausen Billiards comes in:


Simonis Green

Tournament Blue







Royal Blue


Dark Green

Recovery Prices

These are just a few of the many options (types of cloth) and sizes (and types) of table, but it will give you an idea of what the price difference is for the Recovery Service:

8' Recovery with Championship 4066 is $450.00

8' Recovery with Simonis 860 is $750.00


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