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Purchasing a Brunswick Pool Table? These are the Accessory Kit Options.

Updated: Mar 2


Brunswick calls the accessory kits, "Play Packs" (in case you are using a search engine).

If you purchase any Brunswick pool table from us, we can provide either a Brunswick Play Pack, or one of two Custom Play Packs that we create ourselves (Standard & Premium). Please see the post on our BSBS Custom Play Packs on my OLD Blog. You can also click on any of the play pack images below to visit the Brunswick website to view larger images.


  • Set of standard billiard balls

  • Four 58" Brunswick® two-piece cues

  • Two-piece bridge stick

  • Plastic bridge head

  • 8-ball rack

  • Plastic table brush/Nylon Bristles

  • Twelve pieces of chalk

  • Official BCA Rule Book

[Included with any Brunswick Table Purchase]


Our price for the Heritage Play Pack is $650.00. This Play Pack is included with any pool table purchase over $5,995. If you are upgrading from the Brunswick Play Pack above, the Heritage Play Package is a $250 upgrade.

  • designed with the recreational billiard enthusiast in mind;

  • Four Heritage® cues;

  • Two-piece short cue

  • Two-piece bridge stick

  • Brass bridge head

  • Big Break® rack

  • Natural Hair Table brush

  • Twelve pieces of chalk

  • Official BCA Rule Book

[Note: Brunswick has changed its accessories to all Black, including the Centennial set below. So, the Cue Rack and the Brush in this kit are still wood, but they are now finished in Black]

Heritage Retail Price: $650

[Upgrade from "Brunswick" Kit Price: $250]


Our price for the Centennial Play Pack is $995. The Centennial Balls found in this play package list for $500, so that is half of its value and with the Duramith coating on the Aramith-made Centennial Balls, you will not get the burn marks on your cloth, especially on worsted wool cloth, with this set of balls.

  • Brunswick's exclusive "Getting Started" instructional DVD featuring Billiards Hall of Fame member Ewa Mataya Laurance

  • Centennial® pocket balls, the standard of excellence in the billiards industry, and made with premium grade phenolic resin with the exclusive Duramith coating.

  • Four Centennial® cues, a high-quality two-piece cue, great for any level of play

  • Two-piece short cue

  • Two-piece bridge stick

  • Brass bridge head

  • Big Break® rack

  • Nine-ball rack

  • Natural Hair Table brush

  • Twelve pieces of chalk

  • Official BCA Rule Book

Centennial Retail Price $995 [now finished in Black]

[Upgrade from Brunswick Accessory Kit Price: $595]

[Upgrade from Brunswick Heritage Kit Price: $345]

The biggest difference between the Heritage Play Pack and the Centennial Play Pack is the quality of the Balls and cues. The Centennial Play Pack also comes with a nine-ball rack. The Centennial cues are two-piece cues with linen wraps where the Heritage cues are simpler two-piece cues without wraps. The balls are the big difference. The Centennial Billiard Balls are the industry standard and retail for $500 on their own. Here is the difference in pictures:

According to Brunswick, Heritage® pocket balls are designed for daily use. Made by Aramith with high quality phenolic resin, Heritage balls are ground and polished to radial tolerances of 0.003 of an inch, for accurate, reliable performance. All components are solid cast and vitrified, or heat fused for a homogeneous molecular bond. Heritage balls feature bright white and color components and standard numbering style."

Brunswick describes the Centennial Pocket Billiard balls this way, "Centennial® Premium Pocket Balls are the standard of excellence in the industry. Made with premium-grade phenolic resin, Centennial® balls are ground and polished to exacting radial tolerances of 0.001 of an inch for absolutely true and accurate roll. Components are solid cast and "vitrified," or heat fused, for a homogeneous molecular bond. A translucent ivory hue, lustrous color, and a unique "dart" identify Centennial® Balls. With resiliency and balance that allows hairline accuracy, and with numbers and colors that will not rub off, spot, or fade, Centennial® Balls are superior in both playing quality and appearance."

Some of you may remember a set your Dad had that had the darts facing the numbers; this has been Brunswick's trademark ball for many years and is considered the classic in billiard balls. For those of you who like a more modern look, check out my post on billiard ball upgrade choices. The Aramith Tournament Ball set has a more modern look and is a small upcharge from the Centennial Balls.

Things to Consider About Covering Your Table:

The greatest threat to long-lived billiard cloth is dust and light. None of the Brunswick accessory kits come with dust covers or the heavier Naugahyde covers. We highly recommend having at least a dust cover because they are easy to use, fold, and put away. Dust covers are available for $14 in the following colors:

Naugahyde Table Covers (below) are available in different colors and sizes. Brunswick covers are made specifically for the table indicated and will fit perfectly. They have a Brunswick brand centered on the cover and the Naugahyde is premium stock. The Naugahyde covers available from other manufacturers come in the following colors:

Most of these covers are made for a traditional "antique-style" table with rounded corners and exterior drop-pockets. If you have purchased a table with interior pockets and a large, squared-off rail system, your cover must be specially ordered, and Brunswick can supply a cover that will fit exactly (see below).

If you will be using the table for other activities, there is an insert that we can recommend for $179. When you put a heavier duty cover over the insert, you can use the pool table like a regular table top. The Naugahyde non-branded covers are $95-$125 depending on size and we can include these at a 10% discount at the time of sale when you purchase a table with us. Just ask and we will choose one in the color you want and deliver it with the table.

You can also order a Brunswick branded Naugahyde cover for $189-240 depending on size; Brunswick will custom-make the cover if you are ordering a custom pool table for $225-275. Brunswick offers its covers in Brown and Black.

Here are the Brunswick Covers available only in Black and Brown:

We highly recommend a heavy-duty Naugahyde-style cover if you are going to purchase a Table Tennis Conversion top.

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