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Standard & Premium Accessory Kits by Big Sky Billiard Supply

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Standard Accessory Kit: Retail Price is $500.00 Skip to Custom Premium Option

We include the Standard Accessory kit with your pool table; also included in the price is your color choice of the standard cloth (Championship Invitational 4066). We recently upgraded the cues and have had to increase the price slightly, but we think it's worth having better cues. If you are changing from a White Box Brunswick Accessory kit to this kit, the upgrade price is $100.00

We created this kit in order to pick those items that we know stand the test of time but won't break the bank. If you would like a wood ball rack, just let us know and we will substitute it. We've included the Indestructible Cue Rack because it lasts much longer than a wood rack in the family game room.

These are the items in this BSBS Standard Custom Accessory Kit:

This kit includes: *Koda Sports Xcel Billiard Balls: These balls are great for family use, but if you feel like the balls are the jewelry of the table, please take a look at my Blog post about Billiard Ball upgrades.

Indestructible 8-ball & 9-ball rack: This rack is made of a Tyvek product that is tough and stands quite a beating. These are not the plastic racks you've seen taped back together in bars and restaurants!

Viking Valhalla 2-piece Cues (18, 19, 20, 21oz): we order these cues specifically for the accessory kit, so we don't have the ability to substitute colors unless you would like us to order a specific model or substitute a cue in stock. Specific colors are not always available from the factory, but we are willing to check if there is enough time. Allow at least 4 weeks for a substitution from Viking.

We recently changed cues in our accessory kits. The cues in the kits we were buying were not a high quality cue. We decided that if you're going to purchase a pool table from us, we are going to find a decent cue to play with. So, we decided on the Viking Valhalla which we have sold for the last 5 years with good results. We hope you love playing with them!

  • Made from 100% North American Grade "A" Hard Rock Maple

  • Pro-tapered 13mm shaft

  • Premium leather tip

  • Special High-impact resin ferrule

  • High-gloss Super UV Finish protects cue from fading & chipping

  • This cue retails for $95 per cue in our shop

  • Lifetime warranty through

Moose head bridge with rubber gasket:

Two-piece bridge stick: This picture just shows the finishes available. The finish that comes in the kit will be ebony.

Bridge Cue Finishes in Big Sky Billiards Accessory Kit
Ebony Bridge Stick in Standard Accessory Kit

Felt Saver: It's nice to have a natural bristle brush and those are included in the Premium kits, but this Felt Saver is a great alternative to brushing your table! We include this instead of a cheap brush with nylon bristles because the nylon bristles in the cheap brushes come loose when you sweep the table and you are left with many small nylon bristles all over your tabletop. Not happening! Nylon is also hard on cotton strands and will make your cloth fuzzy over time. You can clean this product in water and it will be functional for a full year of constant play.

Nylon Rail brush: This brush is used to clean under the rails and around the pockets and we don't have a source for a natural bristle brush in this model.

8' vinyl table cover in Brown: This would be the other upgrade that we recommend. Naugahyde table covers look nicer and are more likely to be used over time. Table covers are very important to use because they protect the cloth from UV light and dust, the two things that break down cloth over time.

6 cue wall rack in Ebony and the International Rule book:

Recommended Upgrades

Table Brushes: Table brushes made of nylon have a tendency to shed...forever! We sell the natural bristle brushes in our store and we can upgrade you to one of the nicer brushes for only $18. Billiard Ball Upgrades: Some people don't mind the basic phenolic resin balls and some strongly prefer the higher quality Aramith pool balls. We offer the Aramith ball upgrade so that we don't have to charge everyone the much higher kit price for Aramith balls. If you strongly prefer the Aramith balls, please see the Billiard Ball Upgrade section; use the C&C Kit Price to determine the upgrade price if this Standard kit is the one you are going to purchase. Pool Table Covers: The basic vinyl cover that comes in this kit will suffice for a short time, but if you want to protect your cloth, we highly recommend buying a heavier Naugahyde fitted table cover. These heavy duty covers fit most tables and run from $85-120 depending on the size of your table. If you have a table that requires a custom cover, we recommend either buying it when you purchase your table, or we can order it from Champion Billiards in any number of colors and types and they run anywhere from $125-$250 depending on size and cover construction.

Premium Custom Accessory Kit: Retail Price $775.00

Upgrade price for the Premium Custom Accessory Kits is $450. Primarily, the Premium Kits have Viking Valhalla cues with Linen wraps which sell for retail at $110. Once again, we order these specifically for the Premium Accessory Kits, so unless you want Valhalla cues in stock, or to substitute for another cue entirely, trying to change colors will involve a delay. Please see my Blog post about creating a fully Custom Accessory Kit if you would like to make these kinds of changes.

These cues come in 18oz, 19oz, 20oz & 21oz weights. The kit also has a bridge stick similar to the one in the Standard Kit except that it comes with a Silver metal bridge head shown below:

Heavy Duty Wood Triangles [8 & 9-Ball] and a Natural Bristle Brush [finishes are in Black or Espresso] are also included in this kit and represent a significant upgrade from the Standard Accessory Kit:

If your table does not come with a drawer for cue and ball storage, a nicer, two-piece wall rack for cues is also included. All of our kits have wood finishes in Espresso or Black. If you have ordered a table with a drawer and you would like a two-piece wall rack included, please ask.

The balls that come in the Premium Kit are the Koda Xcel Balls and are the same as those found in the Standard Kit. If you would like an upgrade to Aramith Balls, please see our Billiard Ball Upgrade Post.

Finally, an important upgrade to this kit is the Naugahyde fitted pool table cover. These retail for $85-$110 and are an important addition to this kit; especially if you have purchased a modern-style table with interior pockets and square corners (Breckenridge, West End), normal antique-style table covers will not fit these tables.


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