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Tips for Choosing a Pool Table

Updated: Apr 17

Tips for Choosing a Pool Table

A quality pool table can bring countless entertaining moments to your home and act as an appealing decoration in its own right. There are lots of tables out on the market, though, which can make it confusing for you to find a fitting one. Sift through the products you see by applying our tips for choosing a pool table.


To begin with, it’s helpful to figure out what table style you want. Reflect on your furniture and decorations and seek out a table that could work naturally with the other pieces in the room. For a dedicated game room where you want the atmosphere to be a flashy and energetic, you could go for a pool table with a similarly interesting and unconventional design. It might be colorful or have unusual supporting structures in place of regular legs. For sleek elegance, you can get a modern-style pool table that is black or metallic. Traditional wood pool tables with carved detailing give off a luxurious or cozy mood. Whatever direction you take, settling on your style will narrow down your search considerably.


Materials are a direct reflection of a pool table’s quality. Better materials will mean better appearances and a better playing experience, as well. So, you should pay attention to what a pool table is made out of before buying it. As an example, solid hardwood is better than artificial alternatives because it will increase the table’s durability while also giving it a color and visual texture that enhances the room’s look. Likewise, a greater number of ounces per yard in table felt will increase its longevity. The table itself should have slate in most cases. This is because slate is a rock that naturally separates into large flat pieces, ensuring that pool tables are completely level and ideal for games.


Staying aware of dimensions is a practical tip for choosing a pool table. You don’t want the table you choose to end up being unexpectedly small or so large that it doesn’t fit well into your home. Take measurements of your room’s walls so that you know what to aim for with your table. Two common pool table sizes that you may come across are seven-foot (seven-foot length and three and a half-foot width) and eight-foot (eight-foot length and four-foot width) varieties. You must remember that you’ll need space for free movement with the cue sticks, so a room with either of these tables’ sizes should have several more feet surrounding the table. Related items, such as cue stick racks, can also place limitations on your ideal pool table size.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can search for pool tables in Missoula by visiting the Big Sky Billiards website. Check out our selection of tables from trusted companies, including Olhausen and Brunswick.

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